What exactly is The Perfect Swimming Pool Water Temperature

Published: 17th August 2010
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An appropriate swimming swimming pool temperature can easily result in an enjoyable swimming season. Chilly waters prevent swimmers from carrying out their hobby, nevertheless, using water heating systems one can easily maintain the suitable water temperature in the swimming pool. A large number of people personal swimming pools today. They adore to beat the hot summer time days by plunging into the cool, refreshing swimming pool water. Nevertheless, seasons change and winter follows the lovely summer time months. The swimming season is confined to the atmospheric temperatures.

Numerous pool thermometers are available to measure the swimming swimming pool water temperature. There is the hanging, floating and digital thermometers which help gauge the water temperature. Nevertheless, it's quite hard to identify the ideal pool water temperature, as each person has his or her own preferences. Moreover, the ideal pool temperatures will also range depending on the geographical location and the season. The American Red Cross suggests that 78° F is suitable for swimming. But, this temperature is ideal for competitive swimming and is quite chilly for normal swimming.

Water at 78° F is ideal for competitive swimming as the cold water promotes heavier breathing and faster heartbeat so that you can keep warm. Even for the the majority of adventurous swimmers, 65° F is unbearably cold. On the other hand, for regular swimming an average swimming swimming pool temperature of 80-84° F is most suited. In cold regions, hotel and resorts maintain the outdoor pool's temperature close to 84-86° F, for visitors to appreciate swimming leisurely. In case of lap swimming, the appropriate temperatures in cold regions is 80-82° F (to avoid overheating). In warmer regions, the temperature of outdoor swimming pools is maintained at around 75° F for lap swimming.

For regular swimmers, 80-84° F is appropriate. The temperature isn't fixed, but varies according to factors like wind, etc. For indoor swimming pools, the exact temperatures will depend on the humidity inside the building. Cases where the indoor humidity is high, the temperatures of the swimming pool needs to be lower, in order to prevent overheating of the body. The temperatures must be within a range of 75-85° F. As far as intense swimmers are concerned, they desire to choose their personal pool water temperatures on the basis of the type and intensity of training.

Generally, intense swimmers maintain the water temperature at 73° F. It is a pity to close the pools after the summer months. Nevertheless, these days it's feasible to extend the swimming season beyond the conventional swimming season. The sun alone isn't enough to keep the swimming pool water warm during cold weather. Various swimming pool heating devices are available in the market these days which might be used for swimming pool temperature control.

Swimming pool heating systems such as electric, gas or or solar powered heating devices are available. The size and type of the heating equipment will depend on the pool type and size. Solar swimming pool covers or solar blankets could be put over the pool water to keep the water warm. Increasing swimming pool temperatures has its effects on swimming pool maintenance, which have to be kept in mind too. Higher temperatures means higher rate of water evaporation. One will require to fill more water to make sure water in the skimmers.

High temperatures and high evaporation rate also result in the quicker consumption of chlorine and other sanitizing agents from the swimming pool water. Algae also love to grow in warmer temperatures, producing it required to vacuum and clean the pool more often. A warm, temperature managed pool can triple the comfort of the swimming season. With the pool heaters and covers, one can easily relax and appreciate pleasant swimming beyond the conventional summer months.

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